note:  I was just going to retype the comments left in the guest book. But they were so off the chart I didn't think anyone would believe them. So I scanned them into my laptop and made them  photo files. From the comments below it is quite obvious the guests below really appreciate all the effort we have put into this home away from home. We realize it is great for you go to a 450k townhouse located in Paradise. But that by itself is not enough. So we worked even harder to make your stay very special.

     I think why our guests have such a great time is all the little things we have done. Like making sure we bought a place with 3 full baths, one being on the main level. Making sure that this is a townhouse not a condo. Condos' have people above and below you townhouses' do not. Making sure you didn't have to climb stairs to get into the main level. Maybe our guests have a such a good time is because almost every thing you need is there. Like shopper cards, wine bottle opener, phone book, brochures, dining guides, attraction guides, first aid kit, flash light,  etc.... Maybe it's  the free use of the lodge and spa. Who knows for sure.

One thing is for sure all of our guests are having a great  time.  It must be the total package and our relentless pursuit of all the details..............anyway have a great time and sign the guest book.................

p.s.Thanks again to all our guests. We truly appreciate your business. And thanks so much!! for all the

kind words........

p.s.s Check out the one comment "better than Florida" I didn't think that was possible, thanks!                                           

A special thanks to all the families for the kind words .... .




















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