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I took these photos in September. This is the Boreas Pass area just up the road from the townhouse.  Instead of turning off on Baldy Road, just keep going on Boreas Pass. You will first come to the Arapahoe hiking trail heads and parking. Stop here hike or just keep driving through the Boreas Pass. You won't believe the views here, I was shocked to see the lake and all. All this is just a few minutes from the townhouse. This is a perfect place to spend a Spring, Summer or Fall day. Bring a picnic lunch and have a great time. The pass road is closed in the Winter, but a must see in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Don't forget Breckenridge this time of the year. Everything is on sale, unreal mountain views, sunny nearly every day, and lodging rates are the best all year. 

I will be adding photos all during October so keep checking back...............Dan





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